I need dating advice - why does he spend less time with me?

It started out really good and he was the one to suggest we start seeing each other. Without realizing it I was letting him do all the work, he texted, he invited me to hang with his friends and do things. I got used to it but then he disliked being the only one who has to so he wanted me to reach out more and come up with things to do. I surprised him with tickets to the movies and he was happy about it then we had a fun night together, it felt really good. We had been seeing each other for a month now and I realized that I had gotten feelings for him which scared me because this guy has never had a serious relationship and he's been playing with a lot of girls in his past. I distanced myself from him, we didn't talk for four days until he asked me what's going on then we agreed to see each other but never talked about it. When I step in to the car with his friends I get a bad feeling because they don't say a word, his friend takes him out for some air and when he comes back he is super distant towards like something just switched. That time he even said to me "you've been everywhere you little player."
Long story short now, next time he takes me out he wants to go home alone then tells me to reach out first because if I don't he doesn't, he wants me to promise to. Then he goes on a trip and tells me to take it easy with the boys so he doesn't have to worry. When he gets home I come over, straight to bed then breakfast and he tells ME again to text him and said "really will you do it?" This is probably confusing but basically I felt like something just changed and he doesn't invite me out as much as he used to, like what happened to our Sundays and him asking me when are we gonna do this and that and he just seems more off ever since that time I went four days without talking to him. What can I do?


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  • maybe he lost interest, or he thought he was always da one who was initiatin or suggestin. but callin u "little player" or tellin u "take it easy wid da boyz" isn't it a little bit hypocritic since u mentioned he's a player himself?


What Girls Said 1

  • Well you made the mistake of not talking to him for four days. If he's never had a serious relationship and is still seeing you then why stop talking to him instead of talking to him about what's happening? That was a major mistake. He wants to know you're in it as much as he is. Talk to him about the problems and make sure you both are on the same page. Talk to him about the comment about you being a player, if you were then own up to it, and if not you need to explain you're serious about him. Communication is key.