Girls, Do you think men approaching women asking for a date has fizzled/ why?

Back in the day, I would walk to my crush and hand her a piece of bubble gum, stand next to her under the tree and talk about cartoons, and then tell her she was my girlfriend... later in life , I'd roll up to her in my nice car, while she's at the bus stop, and offer her a ride (obviously she knew me) now in days with the internet and online dating, men are not using there personal communications skills I think, do you agree with this assessment?


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  • Yes it definitely has! I believe it is mainly due to girls approaching guys first and showing they have an interest in the guys has made the guys take a backseat interms of asking a girl out

    • Nice assessment I agree... and the dynamic of how women has evolved has changed, women are stronger, open and bold, as in the past this was frowned upon by mainstream society

    • Hahaha thank you,
      Yes for sure women are starting to become more forward with her feelings amd wants aremt they. It is rather pleasing to see them become bold as you have said however when guys used to always take the lead was a wonder time as well as it showed that they can understand what a woman is feeling and how to respond to them in a most appropriate way!


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  • It does still happen and I dont think it has actually gone down, you just dont see it happening because its not you

    • Actually studies have shown a decrease in this actuality, my question was do you see it, and you don't and that's great. Thanxs

  • Ha, I was thinking this exact thing a few days ago! I feel like women have to make the first move more now. And men seem okay to admire a girl from afar or crush on them without acting. When Inwas in high school, I remember it much differently.

    • LOL, yeah me too
      .. Im old school, I actually stepped up to my current girlfriend

  • Nah, I don't see it.

    Even with online dating, the guys who do best are the ones who interact with women well. Usually a guy will ask someone to meet in real life after only talking 2-3 times. And I still see guys making moves in real life pretty frequently.