A girl I met and I really like a lot said to me she wants to rape me and called me amazing?

I met her at my annual Halloween party its a huge deal ever since we have been talking every day and texting each other back and forth.

She says really sweet things to me like I'm amazing and she really trust me and that well she wants to rape me hahah that threw me off a bit but that is our sense of humor. I just don't know what to do.

Cause I'm a huge dork I tell her things like she is beautiful and that I really like her a lot so its no secret I like her. We haven't really hung out since my party.

She keeps telling me she really wants to see me and things to that effect. I'm at a loss cause every girl that has ever liked me has been pretty up front about it and came to me. She isn't being that way do I have a chance?

I hope so she makes me really happy.


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  • u already have this one in the bag man dnt knw what you re waitin for... maybe the actual rape hahaha


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  • Ah, rape. Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper!


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  • It sounds to me like she's really into you. Go for it!