Girls, can you help me understand something?

I don't understand you. You want a guy who is nice, good, sweet, loving, but this would be a guy who is "too nice" and that's a turn off. Then if a guy treats you bad then that's a bigger turn off. So my question is if a guy acts good to you he loses if he acts bad he loses even more. Please help me understand you're thinking. Thank you.


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  • I don't want a bad guy that's going to go out there and break my heart into a million pieces and try and destroy me. He will lose every time with me. I date nice guys, guys I can bring around my friends whom I've had in my life for nearly 2 decades, and those I can bring home to my parents. I don't want some guy who can't fulfill those two things. Girls are individuals who are each looking for different things. Girls who want a nice guy will look for a nice guy and girls who don't, will find what they want too. It is the same with men. We know men who want a bad girl and we know those who want someone they can bring home to their mom. Don't get hung up on the idea that there are no girls out there who want a nice guy because that simply isn't true.

    • Very well put. I wish I had a woman like you. You seem to have everything i am looking for.

    • Thanks. We nice girls are out here, just as I hope you nice guys are still out there for me.

    • Oh trust me we are here. : )


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  • we want a nice guy... its not hard to understand

    • But don't they finish last. See I am a nice guy in the sense of I treat people how I want to be treated.

  • We want a nice guy that is not a pussy or a wimp.
    Yes, we want to be treated well but we also want men to be open & honest about their own wants and needs and men sometimes find that difficult.
    Being too nice is just annoying. Those people don't seem real. They seem like their are too good to be true and that makes you think they are hiding something.
    It's all about balance - be nice, kind, loving, sweet but also be yourself and true to your own beliefs, ethics, morals.

    • Let me ask you something. When a guy takes you out on a date should he be up front right then and there about what he wants and then you tell him what you want. I'm going to roll that way.

  • There's no specific formula that will work for all girls because all girls are different. Be yourself and then find a girl who likes you for you.

  • Well I want a man who worships me outside the bedroom and who I worship inside of it. Best of both worlds

    • What do you mean? See I know how to treat women right I was raised that way. See the way I look at it if I show love and respect to women first it will come back on me. You know what I mean.

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    • I know where you are coming from. Women want a man with a good heart but they also want a man who can fight. I think its in a mans D. N. A to fight and protect his woman. I guess guys who are to nice I think they are coming from a place of "hey we already live in a bad world why be one of the bad guys" you know

    • I do agree with you about the bad world. But because of that bad world, we want to know that we are safe in the arms of our man. If a man is too gentle, we do not feel protected as much. So, sometimes, you need to show your girl that although you are a gentle soul you will still protect her from the big bad world out there and that she can trust you to do that by putting your foot down now and then

  • We just dont want you to be okay with being a doormat when date. Be a nice guy but dont too nice where someone can easy take advantage of you.

    • Thank you for the input. I'm new at this. I've never had a girl friend but I have gone out on dates.

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    • Let me ask you something else. A guy does not have to be a bad boy ass hole when he is the "not to nice guy" you know what I mean. I can't bring myself to be mean and talk down to my woman.

    • You can't because you know it is not right!
      Also its fine you aren't too nice, just be nice and attentive towards her. Occasionaly compliment her and just basically be YOU, you shouldn't pretend

  • Because if he is too sweet then it's suffocating and boring, and if he is an asshole, then that speaks for itself, who would want an asshole. It's really not that hard to understand.

    • I would not mind if a girl is too sweet to me. I would not want her to be an asshole. See I love good/nice women. I just wish women would like the same in men. But what can you do. Thanks for the input.

    • It doesn't matter which sex you are, if you're too sweet, it's fucking annoying.

    • I see what you mean. Love your picture LONG LIVE THE VIKINGS.