Black girls, Is it a novelty to date a white guy?

I was just curious, I have friends that are infatuated with Black Women. Does the same hold true for Black Women? Do you think about trying a White Guy because it seems different. If not are there any differences in sleeping with or dating a White Guy?

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  • Actually from what I've heard some black girls hate white guys because they're more likily to be a bit racist. sadly I'm not making this up.
    Actually survey statistics:

    Tldr just look at the charts

    • really? That is sad. I was thinking more along the lines of it being different. Different look, attitudes. Not really a racial aggression thing

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    • From what I know black girls have a really hard time finding white guys, but yeah, def check out my poll on yellow fever, it's especially bad for white guys:

    • @asker, not being attracted to someone =/= you being raciest.


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  • The girls on this site definitely love white guys. But in reality, everyone has different preferences. Some may like white men, some may not. It all depends on the individual. I do have to say that BW/WM couplings tend to be uncommon.

    • ok. Is that preference or just who people know and are close to?

    • Probably a mixture of both. Me personally, I have no racial preference but I've dated a white guy before, because we both were attracted to one another and were compatible. I live in a multicultural city too so I'm surrounded by many different races.

    • ok. cool. thanks

  • I like all guys and don't really care. I don't get guys asking me out so I'm not picky, also I don't really see a reason to be picky.

    • cool. so its about the guy and not his color. I like that

    • Yeah, I've never really found a color I didn't like.

  • No.


What Guys Said 5

  • each whte guy/black gal has a different taste bro u know...

    • yeah. But you know, I have friends that adore black women. A lot of it because they are seen as different. I just wondered if the opposite was true

    • it's true as well... seen it a couple of times

  • Depends on country.

  • Yes i have seen plenty of black girls asking whethef white girls like em or not bla bla blah and have seen some of them in real life too

  • yea a lot of black girls adore white guys

  • I think so. The few that do like white guys grow out of it eventually.