I'm finding the girls rather restless and pushy lately , not wanting to wait , I'm I moving too slow ?

i've had a couple encounters with younger women and found they were rather restless and pushy , and seemed almost like a used car salesman in terms of them trying to push things ahead rather quickly. i just felt like they weren't giving me time to think , this one girl i meet her last year and after not seeing her for months ran into her and that night she like came on to me and tried to get me to go out to a party even though i had to work next day. another girl like asked rate away if i was single and then for facebook , snapchat which i don't even have and we had only just meet , it caught me off guard as we randomly just meet and didn't even know each other. i've had a few other encounters where girls were expecting things to happen rate away and not patient. not saying they wanted sexual things rate away but expected me to do something in terms of going after them maybe
anyways i worry maybe i'm moving too slow with these girls and maybe i should of asked for # or dates sooner if they were into me instead of waiting too late


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  • They were thirsty for you lol. But you should be up front with them and say you want to take things slow, that you don't mind having fun but if it's gonna affect your performance at work than they have to respect you to wait for the next free time. The girls see potential in you and want to rush due to lonesome Polly they craving for that attention a men should give them. It's OK not to blow up they phones you need you space and time to yourself if they don't like it than they're not the one. You will find someone who fits you.


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  • you're moving too slow.

    • maybe but what should of be doing differently with them? I'm not even on a lot of these websites that are popular like snapchat or instagram so can't ask for those? and feel I need to get to know someone a bit before I can commit or get interested in idea of dating them

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  • Yeah way too slow dude

    • so what should I be doing differently? I felt these girls did like talking to me and a genuine connection