Help, What should I do?

Ok so I posted a question anonymously asking if anyone wanted to play 21 questions and my boyfriend started flirting with me but he didn't know I posted the question so I let it go and so I asked him if he was dating anyone he said no he was single but me and him are dating and he asked me out and we have been dating for about a month maybe two and two days ago he told said messaged me and said we need to talk and so i messaged him backing saying if ur braking up with me please don't do it to day today is a year since my neise died before she was even born so its been a long day and he's never messaged me back and I've been messaging him. So what should I do should I tell him I know or what?


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  • Sounds like he is an asshole for not texting u back. Fuck him!


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  • give him time.