Should I try online dating sites?

I've been lonely for a while now, but I'm not sure whether that's the right motivation to seek a relationship. I miss the feeling of regularly seeing someone, and knowing that someone's there. I live relatively far outside of town (~45min) and I've been kind of isolated as a result. I don't really have places to make new friends, but I've been thinking about maybe trying online dating, to break the uncomfortable silence and maybe become close to someone. I've been kind of depressed lately from not being able to see people outside of work, and I've been thinking about maybe trying online dating to meet people, but I'm hesitant because it doesn't quite seem like the best way to fix my current problem.

Should I? If not, do you know a better way that I could make friends?(too young to drink so don't suggest bars/clubs)


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  • Sure. However, it is much more difficult to find someone with online dating than it is trying in person. I think it's a million better to try in person finding a girlfriend.

    • I'm talking about meeting people in general. I live very far from town, and I work in the kitchen of a restaurant, so I don't have really any way to find new people in person.

    • Sounds good. Some dating sites such as Okcupid can help you make friends not just date there is an option for that as well. If you're looking for a date, you could try going to another place to meet people or go to meetup. com to meet more people and find interesting activities with people in your locate area.

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  • Yea, what's the harm? The way to nuture any relationship is by way of communication. So this would be a great way to get close to someone.

  • It's worth the shot.


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  • No, dating sites are arguably the best way to meet potential romantic partners in this day and age. And they WORK.

    I used one ages ago (the Onion personals) and it was fun, free, and very effective. Didn't end up with anybody from there long-term but it was still fun and worthwhile.

    If you use a free site, you have nothing to lose other than time. Might as well give it a shot. :) Good luck.

  • online dating only works for women... Not worth it. I'd say go to a club its much easier

    • I'm below the drinking age. Can't do clubs.

    • Go to the mall and ask a girl for her number. They love that spontaneous shit..._ you'll know there and then whether she's attracted to you or not

  • Dating sites do not work for men! You will spend hours messaging girls and not one will message you back!