What should I do about this guy?

So there's this guy on my gym, lets call him x. He's really hot and super friendly. And i have noticed that the last couple of weeks he seems to be around me a lot. For example, today in the gym I was talking to my gym buddies and he comes and puts his hands on my shoulders. I was not expecting that! Anyways another example would be that after said workout I was feeling out of breath so I went to a sofa and laid there. After two seconds he is there and he places his hand on my legs ( thank god I waxed). And i noticed that during the stretching bit we do he's always near me.

so what do you guys make of this?
also i forgot to add that i heard that he has a girlfriend, so i dont know what to make of it

I remembered that last week he helped me with an exercise which required touching, and he got close... like really close his chest was 2 inches from my face.


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  • He's flirting and appears interested. There's a good chance he'll draw the line there if he has a girlfriend. If he takes it further than that, I'd get his relationship status right away. You don't really want to become the side girl, or the new girlfriend, if that's how he acts.


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  • He clearly wants you
    Check if he has a girlfriend, if he does and you are okay with some steamy sex then ask him to meet. If he's not committed then hand him your number and tell him you like expensive dinners

  • He seems to be interested


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  • If you are into the guy, go for it. :) if not, then give him hints that you are not interested...