I don't understand her sometimes?

So me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost a year now. We live in the same town, Im working up at school for the summer so I dont ger to see her that often. maybe every other weekend or so. Its staring to get to me, not seeing her all the time and everything. She does this thing that just bugs me, I haven't told her that it bugges me. What she does is when she goes out she doesn't say like im going out tonight. I will snapchat her she will open them and not respond, and it normally takes a text from me saying Hi stranger to get her to respond. I dont know why but it bugges me. And then ill say like let me when when you get back hime safely and go to bed becasue I live in a town with one stop light and one bar and the next town is 30 mins away. I just find it annoying, would this bother other people? If your significant other didn't let you know what was going on and what not, would this bother you?


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  • Yes it would because your worried about her. Your not trying to control her. She is being rude if you ask me

    • Like tonight she is going out and I texted her and she was all !! when she replied. I asked going out, she said yea. She is complain to me about their DD is and hour and a half late to picking them up. I don't feel sorry for you? I know that sounds a bit mean but it true

    • I wouldn't either.. You should ask her if she still wants to be with you. Because it seem like she is acting like she is single

    • What I am saying I wouldn't feel bad for her either.


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  • Thatll bother me too. Maybe it isn't ment to be


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  • If I was the only one saying all of that I would be bothered but if both of we were like that I won`t find a reason to react the say you react.