Would a 28-34 year old girl be interesting in a 26 year old guy?

Do you older women ever like younger guys, or is that not too common? Would it be weird if I approached a woman who was like 34? I'm tired of girls my age not knowing what they want and wasting my time. Most just seem to want to have fun and not want anything serious.


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  • Well, 28 isn't too far from 26. That's not really a big age gap, but I'm not picky about age. I've been interested in guys older, younger and the same age as me. A lot of the guys have been younger like late teens or early 20's, so I don't think a woman in the age range your looking for would have problem dating you. I say go for it, why not.


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  • I'd only go for guys as young as their late 20s because they usually become more serious about relationships by then.

    There's no harm in approaching her.

    • Well if a guy approached you and told you he wanted to take you on a date (after talking for a little while of course) then wouldn't you consider that a guy who was serious about a relationship? I assume he wouldn't mention a date if he was just looking for a fling. Right?

    • If we talked for a while and I liked him, that is fine.

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  • I like my range to be 5 years differential, younger or older