Should I ask her out?

Here is the thing. There is a girl. 10yrs younger than me. We get along really well and have been friends with her for the last 3yrs. She is reluctant to start anything with me cos she is friends with my ex. I know she likes me and I like her. Should I ask her out?


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  • Sure, why not? Just make sure you are smooth and confident about it especially since you said she is reluctant.

    Something playful and fun. Joking tell her that you can't be her friend anymore, and then when she asks why, tell her because you're talking her on a romantic walk through the park or something and it would be a pretty awkward thing to do if you two were just friends. If she tries to talk herself out of it be playful and tell her it wasn't a question.

    If you two are close enough, and the mood is right, and you're bold enough, when she tries to put up some resistance just look her in the eye, tell her you want her, and then look at her lips and go in for the kiss. Since you said you've known each other for years and you know she likes you, it shouldn't be too hard to get her in the right mood to kiss her.

    Good luck!


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  • It can't hurt to ask her out, but rather than having it be a dinner date, take her to coffee or lunch to have it beore casual. That'll give you a feel for how she feels being on a date with you!

  • YUP you should ask her out


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