Too much space? Attraction lost?

So I've been thinking about this girl a little too much for my own good the last couple weeks and I just need some honest opinions at this point. I started dating this girl nearly 2 months ago and we both were pretty open about just wanting to casually date and not jumping into a relationship. (She ended a 4 year relationship and I broke up with a girl of 9 months recently). We have been on 6 or so "dates", grabbing food, hanging out at her place. I have stayed the night a total of 2 times, and the last time we hung out/slept over was the first major "sexual initiation". We were watching movies on her couch and were cuddling, and that led to some making out, holding hands, and some light grinding against eachother, oh and some ass grabbing! <3, but no sex. Things seemed to be going well, she seemed to enjoy our time together, and whenever id say "lets do this again", she'd always be down for it! But last week she said that she was going to be taking a "solitary" week to herself to get things done around the house/etc. And next week she is going to be out of town house sitting for some friends or something. This means 3 weeks without seeing eachother as apposed to our traditional one or two times a week thing. Its been 2 weeks since weve seen eachother and I've been texting her sort of every other day to keep in contact and see how she's doing. I've said that we should make plans after she's done with her house sitting, and she said "Okay! :)". I guess im just wndering if a 3 week break in a new sexual interest can put too much space between the two of us. Am I just missing her, and I should chillax? I've made it 2 weeks so far without any real worry, I havnt done that needy stuff of texting her a bunch, im trying to give her, her space and not be like the many guy friends that she has that have been horrendously friendzoned into oblivion.


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  • You seem to be friendzoned


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  • You're friend zoned.


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