Guys, I'm dating updated his POF profile?

So I've only been on 3 dates with the guy and all the dates went really well. He seems like a really nice genuine guy. Since our third date he's been texting me things like "I can't wait to see you again" "I wish I was with you right now" & "I can't wait to kiss you again". Our last date went so well & I felt like I really liked him, he gave me butterflies & I haven't felt the need to go on POF & message other guys as I really like him & I assumed he felt the same but I've just seen that he's updated his Pof profile by adding more photos & updating his info.
Now I feel that he can't be that into me after all as he must still be wanting to find other people to date. I felt really gutted when I saw it & now I don't really wanna date him anymore as I feel like I'd be wasting my time & money seeing him. Am I being silly or am I right in thinking this? :)


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  • You're right on the money. He's still looking, so he must not think you're the one. Same thing happened to me and she ended our relationship shortly afterwards.


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  • Have you told him that you really like him? He might stop looking if he knows that you do want to go steady with him.

  • You're in your 30's? Shit, pass him a note in study hall.

  • then leave him.