I'm a teenager who's on the bigger side and I would like to start dating. Are there any guys who would even go for a plus size girl?

I do have low self-esteem but I'm a really nice girl with great morals and values but guys just automatically put me in the friend zone or they fake ask me out as a joke.


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  • I've been there. When I was 15, I weighed 200 lbs. I had trouble even making friends with guys, and I've experienced being asked out as a joke as well.

    The honest answer is that being overweight will mean that less people are attracted to you. There are guys who like plus-size girls, but they are much more rare. Not only that, but some guys who do like bigger girls are afraid to date them because they know they will likely be teased by other people for dating a "fat girl". This is especially true in high school, because in high school, popularity, fitting in, etc. are really important to most people.

    I did have a boyfriend in high school. It probably helped that we went to different schools, so neither of us had people judging us for dating each other. He was also nerdy and pretty unpopular in his own school, but I found him cute and our personalities were a perfect fit for each other. We ended up dating for 5 years.

    Anyway, my answer is: Yes, there are guys who would and do date plus-size girls, and it's possible to get a boyfriend when you're overweight. That said, you're likely to have an easier time dating if you lose weight, but whether or not you do so is up to you.


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  • Of course there are.

    But, will the guys you want go for you? That's a different question.

  • Not many people your age

  • There are none and att fifteen you should be studying instead of dating.


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  • Boys can be cruel. And I say boys because most teenage males are no more than boys with pubes. But there's enough that are good for you to have hope c:

  • Lots of them!