Haven't had sex in 5 months I'm going nuts?

I mean I'm really going crazy.. my girlfriend left t months ago. I have a very high labido. I've had opportunities with some less than attractive women but left. My confidence sucks right now my game is weak. I know I'll get back up there after I'm over this breakup buy I'm honestly debating if I should just get an escort.


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  • Do what you must, but sex isn't the answer to everything.. Go down the gym, or find something to build your confidence. Don't get an escort tho ffs. It's like you're going cold turkey 😂

    • Dude I'm a fu cmon bodybuilder..

    • Fckin

    • I'm sure you can find some motivation and confidence somewhere in you. I manage to and I'm not half the man you make yourself out to be 😂

  • Try 23 Years...