Is it harder for a girl to get a man if she has a lot going for her, because men will think she wants a perfect man?

I have this friend. Sure she not perfect, no one is.

She is very sweet and nice-not judgmental, and also smart, but not a geek-you can just tell when you talk to her she is very intelligent with reading people, and in general she's smart. (She can be a little bit of a pushover, she isn't a toughie, actually. She's been taken advantage of by jerks before so she is learning to toughen up)

But she is very attractive-curvy like Kim K-not that "perfect" but similar body type

Looooong pale blonde hair

Big blue eyes and a pretty face

And just graduated law school

I've heard guys say "I would go for her but there is no way in hell she will want me so I won't"

Will guys be intimidated or put off by this?


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  • Nobody likes high maintenance bitches.

    Your friend may be very different, but people can't know that without getting to know her sufficiently.

    Of course they're stupid to judge her without knowing... in theory.. but in the real world we all know we all judge very quickly. It's a reflex. Everybody does it.

    They will assume that because she may have a lot for herself, she will have very high standards and think (a bit too) highly of herself. It's very unlikely they will believe she's not judgmental towards people with a "lower" job.

    So yeah, it can be a put off.

    • So basically, someone like that is better meeting guys in person (Where they don't know about her job and see her personality first)

    • Yeah sure, but there is always gonna be a moment she will have to say what she does for a living...
      When the guy finds out she's making a lot of money, he's not gonna be happy... I know it sounds stupid but it's so true...
      She's better off hiding it for as long as possible in my opinion. She can talk about her job but better not give hints about how much she makes, if she's making more significantly more than him.


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  • Honestly, when I see a girl like your friend, one of the first things that I assume about her, is that she's high maintenance.

    I'd say I'm a guy that's above average in looks and dating and stuff, but I'm not really up tight or high maintenance, and I like a girl that's real chill and isn't so tight about things.

    Since I'm old fashioned and care about a girl's personality more than looks, and it sounds to me as though she's focused more on looks than her own personality.

    Also, high maintenace girls can empty your wallet really fast. And the answer to your question is yes.

  • i'd rather see a pic dat resembles her so i could tell yo

  • Yeah... I think the biggest hindrance in that equation would be law school. This would mean you will earn a very good paycheck and a lot of guys have a complex when a woman makes a better salary than them.

    • Seriously?

      That may be some guys but I make over six figures and that isn't enough for certain men I have dated who earn more. That said they aren't the kind of guys I want to be dating anyways since money isn't my number 1 priority but there are lots of men who make less and want to be taken care of. Not my thing either but never been a problem when dating on the guys end.

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    • Yeah a guy will think badly... and those guys are ignorant knuckle daggers that need to beat their chests and claim they created fire.

    • Sounds too controlling... you sacrificed to earn that money so why should anyone care what you do with it.

  • you seem envious of her.

  • Yes, very much so. Most men won't take the chance on a girl they think is so good looking that she will reject him. I am on a dating site right now, and even I will admit that I often pass a really good looking woman by because I think..."she wouldn't want me"


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  • This is the type of girl who needs to date rich men who won't be intimidated by her money because they make lots of it too. Most of the male answers are verifying that yes her career and intelligence intimidates the average guy. So if she's not having much luck fishing in the pond she usually fishes in them she needs to switch it up and try something new. Socialize where guys with a little more money hang out and she'll meet men who aren't intimidated by her

  • Let those guys weed themselves out. Plenty of men will find themselves worthy. Trust, men seem to overvalue themselves way more than women.