How should I act and what should I do?

This is another question following my previous questions, basically I was dating a guy and we weren't official and I kissed for like two seconds this other guy it didn't mean anything. I don't know what to do, I saw the guy I was dating yesterday at a party and I tried to make up with him (I have spoken to him on messages but he hasn't been very clear in if he wants to end it or to give me a chance), I want him to give me a chance but he was like don't talk now which is fair enough but the rest of the night he wouldn't utter a word to me even if it was a friendly question he also left any rooms I entered that he was in and he kept making remarks like F off and stuff. He's acting really hostile I don't know what do do


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  • guess he learnt bout u kissin this other guy, and now sounds he's mad at u

  • If he hostile leave him. Don't mess with hostile people.


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