Why are most girls shallow and when do most of them grow out of it?

So I'm a bodybuilder and have a physique and build that's turns heads everywhere I go. I've gone skinny to huge skinny to huge a couple times just due to life obligations. I've noticed that most girls end up leaving and losing interest as soon as I get skinny. It's reoccurring. Soon as i get back on my grind they are on my nuts again and I can have as. much sex as I want to. I've honestly thought about quitting bodybuilding just to meet a girl that likes me for me and then go back into it. Most very attractive girls late teens early twenties are all like this I swear. I try not to be the guy who uses and abuses women but it's difficult not to be jaded. I sont think my personality is flawed and I'm quite intelligent. I would like to think I'm a catch am I just having bad luck with women or attracting the wrong ones?


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  • Let me just put it this way, girls usually know if you only/mainly want sex. A lot of girls think this is the same for all guys (since, at least in my own experience, it's the same for *almost* every guy). Now, if a girl just wants sex, she's gonna be shallow about it, since guys tend to be (again in my own experience) shallow when it comes to girls, not in the sense of how they look but in the sense of not wanting to commit to a relationship, which is viewed as shallow. If a girl wants a REAL relationship, she won't be as openly flirty or try to hit on you as quick because she knows that if she does, she could easily end up having a one night stand, which is completely opposite of what she wanted.

    Hope this helps


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  • Well isn't you only dating "attractive" late teens and early 20s women, kind of shallow too in the first place? You're both pretty much starting a relationship out based on looks, it's naive to think there's a chance for very much substance with that.

    • Well I'm 22 I date girls around my age.

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    • I feel like dating someone older as a man could be emasculating do you feel like your boyfriend

    • Well my boyfriend is intelligent, confident, kind, open minded so I don't see him as less of a man and I find him better than most men twice his age honestly. I think it's all about how you see and feel about yourself though.

      I haven't met too many men that could make me think and open my mind to so many things and it is odd that a younger man did that for me. I guess my point was if you find someone you like, don't let age be the deciding factor because it doesn't necessarily define a person and it can really open your mind to new things and new experiences.

  • Just find someone that you vibe well with! Some girls are shallow and others are not! Just gotta find the right one or look other places! Maybe find a girl that is into bodybuilding since she might share the same values with you! Hope I helped 🌸


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  • it's breeding instinct. Nothing you can do about it but learn PUA tricks and /or not care and just be yourself.