Hooking up with a coworker?

This question is mainly for the guys, but girls feel free to answer too...

If you were to hook up with a coworker, would you talk about it to other coworkers? If you ended up liking her and wanted to pursue something more than casual sex with her, would you talk about it to other coworkers?

Just want to make sure if I end up hooking up with this guy, he's not going to start talking about it at work!


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  • I would never do that. Fucking career suicide.

    I hate, absolutely fucking hate, that women seem to like meeting people at work. Honestly, piss off ladies, I don't need a sexual harassment suit when things go bad, or have things be awkward, have people talk, or have my upward mobility halted because the higher ups don't trust my judgement.

    Go outside. There are men walking down the street, in coffee shops, gyms, stores... don't Fuck with us at work. The men outside aren't rapists, your friends are more likely to do that. Talk to a stranger for your dates.

    • But what if the feeling is mutual? You're both attracted to each other and want to get to know each other?

    • I don't care if the feeling is mutual. I'm not risking my job and reputation over a girl. There are 3.5 billion women on the planet, I'll find one who isn't a threat.


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  • Huh. Interesting question. I don't think I'd say anything. Maybe that we were dating, but nothing more than that. But I'm pretty guarded when it comes to that.

  • I'd probably not talk about it with other people.


What Girls Said 3

  • Could you please attempt to think outside of your own coochie for just one second? Not everything is about your desire to get pumped with a cock, have an orgasm, or fulfill lust.
    This man is going through enough without you coming around, acting like a skank, and adding another layer of complexity to his life.

      I use Microsoft when GAG is running slow and that was a reality check I had to deliver to someone.
      My answer to this is...

      Honestly, guys tend to brag about that stuff to each other like a woman’s vagina is some sort of trophy. :/ Not a good look.

    • Haha thanks! I was confused there for a minute

    • LOL You’re welcome! Sorry about that!
      Girl, it can get messy and disastrous REAL QUICK. I remember my good friend, who’s a manager, telling me about two of her empoloyees who had a one night stand. The girl thought she meant more than what she did while the guy was bragging to all the dudes in the restaurant about how they just had a one night stand. She looked absolutely ridiculous and pathetic like some easy female who wasn’t taken seriously :/ Not a good look and made he work environment super uncomfortable.

  • It's usually a bad idea to let the rest of the office know, unless you're serious about each other.

  • Yep. I know because everybody always knows who's sleeping with who. They gotta find out from somewhere. Barely any work relationships are secret, they're just unspoken.