Guys, I am trying to to this guy that I am talking to that it won't work out right now and I don't know how?

The question might be misleading but I have been talking to this guy (serious) for like 6 months but in total we have known each other a year... In April is when we really hit it off and we were just trying it out and we were dating but we didn't have the "Title." I thought everything was going great! He called, texted, did sweet things and then at that point I wanted to be with him but somethings started getting rough in his life and he just wasn't ready. I respected that but then it was pretty much each time I went over to his house we did stuff (not sex) finally like a month ago we had sex but one of my requirements was for him to be my man and he agreed. After that he did a complete 180 turn. Stopped messaging me, didn't text me as much and all that. I talked to him about it and like 3 days ago he told me it took him to have a girlfriend to realize he wasn't ready for one. I was devastated but now that I have had time to think I do think he isn't ready for a girlfriend. I have taken a step back and reevaluated my standards and requirements and I don't think we will work out. We only get to see each other 2 times max in a week because him and I both have work. I dont want to wait until Friday to tell him because we always have movie night then and I dont want to be that girl. It seems like each time I need to talk to him its through text and I dont want to be mean like that either. I dont know what to do or how to go about telling him this... I need help. Please and thank you.


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  • In my opinion; I think healthy relationships are beautiful, If you want to make the relationship work then both you have to meet half way and that's usually the hard part. If not then just say he's not meeting the your needs, and be honest; tell him he is being insecure.. what does "not be that girl" mean; just be yourself and tell the truth, it might not be as bad as you think or it might be worse.


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  • Just be honest about it and let him know. No point going into detail but be honest about it and I know someday he will respect you for that

  • What exactly are you trying to tell him? That you can't be hang out at all?

    • Sorry if I still made that confusing... We are still talking.. "Dating" I suppose but with out the title. And I just think we need to take a step back from that while he gathers himself. And while he figures out what he really wants... I know what I want in a man and I just think what I want and what he'll be will clash

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    • But even if it is through text? I mean that is kind of shitty of me. And this isn't my first serious talk with him through text. It seems like I am always talking serious with him through text.

    • No try to do it in person. Might be good to let him know you have something to talk about via text so he doesn't feel ambushed in person. In person would definitely be better.