Give me 3 things or objects that you LOVE & Why?

Can be any 3 things, you can't live without


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  • 1. Food: makes my taste buds happy
    2. Money: I can buy new stuff
    3. My gf: because she's my girlfriend lol


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  • A pocket watch: it belonged to my grandfather who died before I was born. It was the only thing my grandmother who raised me kept of his possessions. I have it since she passed. It keeps me from stress. Not a good luck charm but almost.

    My tahitian pearl pendant necklace: combines my polynesian heritage and the gift from my mom

    My silver ring: it is a gift of an ex bfwho's now a friend. It reminds me of our sweet relationship (my 1st love 7th grader) but also of this time of my life how carefree I was.

    Now I realize its 3 pieces of jewelry (weird) that I almost always wear

  • -the jewelry I wear= they have been from my mother and grandmother. So they are special to me. I wear them daily.

    -my transport, so car/motorbike= I can't get anywhere without them, and it's my second car I ever brought. The first motorbike I ever brought.

    -my phone= Lol it's important, that's pretty much it

  • Gold, money, trips


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