Im 29 m and am obsessed with ryan secrest and scott bayo?

i had a girl over and i thought everything was fine. i noticed she kept glancing over at my life size growth chart measurement poster of ryan secrest on my mall. i asked her if that bothered her and she just laughed. she went into my kitchen for dinner and saw my journel sitting on the table. i dont think she knew it was my journel/diary and thought it was just a book. because she opened it. most of the pages are my pending letter to scott titled dear mr bayo. i ike to be prepired so i have a number of drafts in that book as i prepare what one to send.

well this defiinatly freaked her out. she talks but she won't come over for dinner anymore. what can i do to see my obsession with them is healthy?


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  • I really hope you are making this up just to troll?

    • I love American idol and charels in charge.

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  • No obsession is healthy and if you try and make it seem like it is you won't win that one.