Opinion on 13 year old and 15 year old going out?

While it does sound silly, we've known each other for quite awhile and we're both definitely into each other. The thing is, we're not even a whole two years apart, but I feel so much younger than him! He's dated a girl in my grade (the one below his) before, and they weren't even into each other. My friend's sister started dating her boyfriend when she was 14 and he was 16, and they've been going out for almost 3 years after having known each other for a few months.
Should we try it?


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  • Go for it. 2yrs isn't that big of a deal. Do you. If you're truly attracted to him who gives a flying fuck what age you are. Have fun!


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  • It's legal buttttt, probably not a very good idea. Even when the 15 year old turns 18, the 13 year old will only be 16, thats illegal, by a long shot

    • I just looked it up and apparently it's legal for a 16 year old to have sex with an 18 year old... I don't plan on having sex, but I'm pretty sure that would make it legal to date?

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    • Washington state consent laws say we're still good to go once he's an adult­čśŐthanks for your concern

    • K, you're an ass

  • Please don't have sex yet

    • Haha, no way for me, but thanks for your concernÔś║´ŞĆ

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  • Go for it... it's just two years