He dumped me.. Best advice to move on?

he's 21 & im 18;; Me and my boyfriend dated for almost a year straight, recently we've been having our fights. He did live with me but moved out to help better the both of us. He has to finish highschool & focus on legal stuff. Monday, something in my gut tempted me to go on his facebook because i felt like something was wrong. He did not like that at all that i was on his facebook & instantly changed his password. I, think going on your boyfriends facebook isn't a problem... but He decided that was it and broke it off with me coldhanded. I know i f***ed up but i told him, mistakes happen. He told me he's done trying and wants his space and like cut it all off with me. he's forcing to shut off my phone (im on his phone plan) & he wants nothing to do with me. I can't talk to him without him getting pissed and saying stuff like "are you done?" . I don't know what to do, whats the best advice? Give him space? Im so broken. No negativity please... I understand going on someone's facebook isn't right but youd think thered be more trust than that. I was always there for him through all his court shit and regular stuff. :/. Besides what i did, i was a great girlfriend and he's just walking away. Shows how much he loved me!


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  • You'll be fine. Just relax.

  • Fix your make up its just a break up


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