Are girls interested in these types of guys?

Every since I was young, I've always been a good funny friend. I did a lot of sports, but one that stood out was Judo, a physical contact martial arts technique. I would be involved in their tournaments. When I would fight I would give it my all to bring them down (which I did), but then I would hold back at the last minute before putting them down to the floor, as if I didn't want to hurt them. Well now, im the kind of guy who won't start fights but if anyone pushes me to much then I will not hold back. Im a pretty strong guy, and i guess im "scared" of hurting someone by accident.. So i try and control myself. My question is, how attractive do girls find they sorts of guys? I look challenging/big/strong as well as decent looking but at heart im one the softest people you'd meet. Girls, opinions?


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  • Honestly a lot of girls would like to have you. If you're really like that and it really shows you have a good chance

  • You had me at judo mate. It sounds like a sweet personality to have, don't sweat it.


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