Can you date your friends ex?

Can you date your ex best friend's (Still friends but not best friends) ex boyfriend when they broke up about 6 months ago? Keeping in mind that you had a crush on him when you first met but instead helped your ex boyfriend and him get together. She already has a new boyfriend, they have being dating for about 4/5 months. My friend and her ex had dated for about 1.5 years. They fought a lot. They hadn't being intimate yet.


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  • My opinion? Go for it, the worst that can happen is your friend will probably be upset, but if she's really a good friend she should understand.

  • I personally wouldn't my it a ex of my very close friend... I mean then the whole thing might become awkward and stuff... But if u like him a lot I would suggest u to tell ur friend right way that u like him and is planning to date him...