We are supposed to be friends now but he doesn't call. Why though??

OK me and my ex decided to become friends and see where it might go. Now to remind you he the one that came to me with this whole idea. I went along with it cause I still love him and want him to be apart of my life. He is going away to college in a month for a year. For one I don't understand why he decides this when he going far away in a month. But anyway he doesn't call me to talk or hang out or anything. I'm always the one calling him. Why is he not making it like he want to be friends? This was his idea but I'm the one calling him all the time. Plus we suppose to chill today and he haven't been answering my calls for the past two days. Somebody please give me advice on why he is acting like this.


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  • Maybe he was saying it to just settle things, so there was no more awkwardness (if there was any.) Don't pine after him too hard, because you want to have some control over the relationship as well. Wait for him to call/text for a few days, It's hard, I know, but then you'll get your answer; if a guy REALLY wants to talk to a girl,then he will. If he doesn't come in contact with you, then give him his space, it's probably just a busy phase in his life (especially with him going to college soon.) (;

  • I am having the same problem.. we were just dating for like 2 weeks and he wrote to say that he has a lot of things going on and its best to stay friends.. we used to talk all the time. and now I want to be his freind through this rough time if he is being sincere. Its hard cause now we don't talk. We used to talk every so often since he told me what was going on. I think you should just give it sometime.