Can't get over an "ex"?

we were never dating but we were on and off hooking up for 4 years... he always said he never wanted a girlfriend and it would tie him down to the area. he knew that I liked him and that I did once want a relationship... we have been more off than on lately but a month ago he called me out of the blue then continued to call me and text me for the next 3 days, 2 weeks ago I asked him to hang out (we didn't) but he was being very sexual and then a week ago I asked him to as well and that's when he told me that he is now talking to someone and really likes them. I just responded being really short and saying just things to the point. I keep seeing stuff on Facebook between the two of them and it is killing me. he did text me on my birthday which I was surprised about but then I just saw more that they were hanging out and it got me bummed. I guess I'm upset because he is doing things with her I always wanted from him and I didn't get that once in 4 years no matter how hard I tried... and the best part is that I'm not sure he even knows me and the girl used to know eachother... I get so upset when I see stuff now I don't know how to get over him. what's even worse is that I am talking to other guys but this one just really hits home and I get so upset. help.


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  • Cut off your contacts and whatever connections you have with him. Distract yourself by whatever means necessarily to move on from him and in time you will


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  • You can't get over him because you still keep in contact with him. Block him from your social media and stop focusing on his life. Start focusing on your life.