Is Tween and Young Teen Dating Wrong?

I think it is stupid to start having so called relationships before you are 13. I mean what will you do? Your parents don't let you out, which makes you feel like an idiot in front of your friends, who all claim they are going out and yet they are fearing that you think they are the idiots who can't go out late. Even if you do manage to go out late (usually until 9pm) what are you going to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Take him/her out to a movie? Well yeah that's very special. Younger teenagers are too young to have to worry about having a girlfriend and going out many times a week, which can cause grades to drop when they really matter. I mean why not wait until you have lots of free time, like when you are older and are able to have proper romantic and sexual relationships with people rather than these excuses for romance, which ends up you inviting all your mates to the cinema, whilst she invites all hers.

So it really annoys me when I hear about people breaking into tears after going out for a week and feeling they won't be able to go on without him or her and then after the weekend party they pulled some other guy and girl and are now happily in a relationship that will last another week. Honestly, wait until you have some maturity and long term goal, before you start getting into something like that at age 13 is simply ridiculous!

By changing some of the new 'rules' of society that mean that young girls are sexualised very early by advertising and tv, we could stop the culture that has erupted out of the next generation after the swinging 60s. Move over Lion King, this is the new circle of life: girl aged 10 sees advertisement for some beauty product of an anorexic woman padded with inches of makeup and looks in the mirror and wonders why she can't look like that. She looks at 'fashion' magazines like OK (British celebrity magazine) and sees that the latest 'fashion' is skimpy skirts and bras. So this girl goes to school looking like a, excuse the language, tart, and ends up having boys lusting for her, at age 10! This is what is happening in this day and age, which is leading to, in later teenage years, rising abortion rates and unwanted pregnancies and most importantly underage sex, which is contributing to the rise in STDs as young teenagers are not mature enough to take responsible precautions by using a condom or by drinking before hand.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for all your comments! I am glad you all support this issue!


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  • Hahaha I agree with everything.. Like I hate going places and seeing these 13 year olds holdimg hands when they don't even know the meaning of love.. I'm 14.. (15 in 6 days) and still don't know really what love is.. People are just trying to mature and grow up to fast.. I remmeber being 13 and I was like yeah I have a boyfriend.. but wait.. can't kiss, can't go out.. mom won't let me and who has the money.. and oh yeah can't drive, and haha yeah ill go on MySpace and I hate seeing how people are like inlove and putting "<3 11-26-09 forever" when they just started dating the other day and know nothing about eachother. society is messed up and soon there are going to be 10 year olds getting pregnant on a daily basis. Its rediculas. Kids try to grow up to fats.. and its so annoying. its cool to see a guy talk about this. I totally agree with you.


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  • I very much agree with this. It seems like you have put a lot of thought into this and it greatly shows. (: But back to the topic, it really does bother me to see all these kids out and about and pretending that they understand how a real relationship works. My cousin is 12 and has been dating a junior about the same age as me and when I found out that they had sex, it just disappointed me so much, he could have gotten her pregnant and have ruined her life. These kind of things need to change.


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  • I agree, I disapprove of this sort of teen behaviour, I'm a teen myself but only for a couple months more, I've stayed pretty calm through my teen years, I've tried all those things such as sex and drink, but it definately wasn't something I wanted to over indulge in and very rarely bothered... It probably helped me get into university and get through my course, now that I'm actually 19 and healthy since I was never much of a drinker or smoker, I'm taking my chance to get into the royal navy... all these kids will end up with child benefits and not fit for a job... what kind of life would that be? Dating should be kept until mid to late teenage years, younger than that is just silly, and risks stupidly young pregnancies from kids who don't understand what they are doing and what the full extent and outcome would be.

  • I can't follow your perspective at all - I don't see any reason why the level of maturity and long term goal would be important if you like this girl even though you're 13 years old. It ain't like you develop the feeling of love either - it's with you all along, although the awareness of it may be more present when you get older.

    To be all honest I think that seen from your perspective kids are just kids - not persons (yea I know this sounds kinda harsh but that's my point of view). I still remember when I was younger and had my first crush - and I can still relate to that feeling, (at that point I was like 8 years old or such) when I really like a girl.

    I'm sorry to be blaming you a lot but perhaps you're too future oriented - personally I believe that we and society are almost brainwashing kids to think that everything you do should be long-term/future oriented in order to be good. Going for pleassuring yourself in the present would be considered a sin.

    I'm 16 years old and I'm studieng etc. doing good in school and such and actually having a quite long education ahead of me. But that doesn't keep me away from drinking myself completely drunk every other weekend and just having a good time with those I love. More or less I do whatever treats me best of course with a bit of common sense ;). Afterall I still need to work hard in order to get a life in wellbeing.

    (BTW: I don't get why you find dating so important... Personally I've been on like one date in my entire life but that doesn't mean that I haven't had a girlfriend... Since when has there been something wrong with just watching a movie at home or just sitting and talking on your room?)

  • You are a smart young man. I like the way you have developed. Keep up the good work and live by the very mature code you are setting for yourself with the confidence that you have gained the moral high ground! Don't ever be afraid to make a stand on this kind of foundation my young friend!

  • "Younger teenagers are too young" They are, but that's an European idea: in the US it seems a bit different: social pressure to 'date' seems quite important.