Why do you guys think my ex is interested in coming to my birthday party? Despite the fact that we recently broke up 2 months ago?

so much has happened, he rebounded with another girl right after me. Well that didn't end so well because they're not together anymore and that was the time he reached out to me and apologized.

I looked at his social media and it looks like he deleted her off or she deleted him off but anyway they are no longer following each other. Him on the other hand, texted me today asking me information about my birthday party. I told him if he had questions to let me know, and he just said "ok" with a smiley face. he is giving me mixed signals, I don't get it.


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  • I'd say breaking up with you does not mean you can't at least be friends.


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  • Maybe he is simply interested in being friends with you. Do you want him back?

    • Yes I want him back but I don't want just friends. I want MORE