Should I ask him if he wants to go on a date before I leave or should I wait until im back home?

Long story short, we went on a date 2 weeks ago, we texted a little after the date, but didn't hear from him before yesterday (he was on holiday). He asked how I was and when i had time to meet again, i told him i had time tomorrow (today), but i was leaving on Thursday so i won't have time before the 13th. The last thing he wrote was: good to know :).

So i kinda want to meet him today, but im not sure how to go about it because i feel like he would have tried to set something up if he wanted and/or had time to meet today before i leave.

According to several guys, and by how he acts he's a shy guy and/or dont have a lot of expereince wiith dating. Last time when i he asked me out he had nothing "planned" so i had to decide time and place, so it woldnt surprise me if i had to do it again..

I dont want to be too agressive or to passive... so any advice?


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  • You should ask him before you leave and try to give him ideas for the date :)


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  • "Hey, how are you? I was wondering if you're available on.../insert the date and the time you want to meet him"


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