How do I know he wants to be my boyfriend?

of course the answer is 'just ask' but through signs i mean. i ve been seeing this guy for like 3-4months or so, and we've hung out heaps, i've met his friends etc. he always says 'youre so nice i like you' 'youre so cute' etc. we're pretty open with each other i guess, like he kisses me in public, holds my hand - of course i do the same back.

he met my parents cause he dropped me off one time, and he's like oh you should come meet my parents and grandparents too. (though ill probs have a heart attack)

so from this, do you guys think he's dating/seeing someone else and only using me for sex, or is this serious?


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  • Never wait for "signs" just make a move or you will lose a chance


What Girls Said 2

  • Just because you're pretty open and he's taking you to his family that he loves you. True he mighy really want to be your boyfriend, but I think it's not enough that he loves you.
    I had that guy who asked me several times to come meet his family (I couldn't at these times though) and used to stick to my brother (which made me feel like he's nothing to hide) but in the end he was just one more bastard and he obviously wanted to "have" me rather than even like me.
    So, things are clear. And just be wary of him because he doesn't sound so comfortable to me..

  • You've been seeing him? What does that mean? Dating? Hanging out? What?