How can I get rid of butterflies?

It's like I wanna talk to her but I get that feeling were you get punched in your stomach and your tongue gets all tied up around someone you like? I'm having that problem it's holding me back what should I do?


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  • The more you think about it the worse you will make it. Its just the initial contacts that you need to break, once you have done that you will see how much easier it is to talk. And when I say talk I mean engage fully in a convo once you've had those types of convos you will become more comfortable in front of her. Not to mention your a little younger once your in your twenties this type of feeling usually passes. Most guys I knw who are in there mid twenties had this same problem a few years ago but after years of dating and talking to girls they like they begin to see that there's no need to get all crazy over it and get all tongue tied and have butterflies.


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  • I usta get it all the time but the more I started talking and hanging around the opposite sex I don't even notice it that much anymore. Just get it out, If you drag it on too long you'll chicken out :(


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  • That will stop as you get older, but even then some girls still might give you butterflies. I'm 27 and there's still a girl or two who I can't talk to straight. It's embarrassing, but some girls find it flattering. Either way, they'll go away eventually.

    That's a great feeling. Don't be so quick to want it to vanish. It comes around less and less as you get older.

    • Eh, I guess it feels kinda funny but man I hate looking like a complete goof.

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    • 17 but yeah I see your point I'll try to open my mouth tomorrow

    • Yes, try it. The worst thing that happens is that you say something stupid. You can laugh about it and that's that. No reason not to try, you grown and mature through new experiences.

  • Just do it man! Happens to me all the time and there really isn't any reason to be nervous usually. They usually can't even tell you are nervous too.