Guys, why wouldn't u post a picture with the girl u are dating?

I met a guy and he is always postung pictures with his friends on fb but he never share any of our pictures (we've been dating for a month) and I haven't met his friends either. is he hiding me?


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  • This is easy, women tend to flake easily. If he posted pictures with you and then you decided to move on from him for any reason, he'd look like an idiot. In order to prevent himself from looking stupid, he's probably waiting until you're a lot more serious


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  • Rather than worry about a non-existent issue, suggest some sort of hangout with his buds. His response should tell you more than anything else.

    • well, whenever they are near he suggest we should go somewhere else or that I should I wait for him, so he can go and talk with his friends. Once I suggested if he wanted to go with me to go out with a few friends of mine and he said no.

  • How is he supposed to have sex with other girls by doing that?

    • i want a relationship

    • Meh, in all seriousness, I wait a little bit longer until I start doing that. When I've been dating a girl for a little bit I wait for it to be exclusive, if I'm just dating a girl it feels weird/kinda creepy to start introducing her to all my friends and posting pictures of us together like she's already my girlfriend, plus it's embarrassing if it doesn't work out.

  • He may have secret social axiety, or maybe you're just a 'date' for him.

    • could be that social anxiety?

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    • how so? I know he's a nervous person.

    • Well, he's probably dragging himself to paranoias about what other people gonna say about his girlfriend. He probably has scenes in his mind like this: "omg people will say 'look even that ugly idiot got a girlfriend' " . Like this.