He says he wants to hang out but we never do. Is he not interested?

I've been talking to this guy for about 4 months. We've seen each other four times but never been out on a date or really hung out. He's 26 and I'm 24 and he says that he's looking for serious relationship and so am i. I must say that I'm not really that physically attracted to him but he seems like a very nice guy and I enjoy talking to him on the phone. so I'm trying to look pass his looks by hanging out with him but the thing is we rarely hang out. he will say that he want to do something but I never hear from him...For example he said he wanted to see me tonight but I never heard from him. Is he just playing me? By the way he texts me every morning saying good morning and we will text throughout the day and we also talk on the phone during the week.


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  • Sometimes guys can say soooo many things to you text you say sweet things, and just be full of sh*t...I have talked to guys that have done the same thing to me sometimes guys just are all talk and no actions...the best way to get to the bottom of it is ask him why is he all talk and no action..and if he is true bser he will feed you another line...find other guys to talk to and hang with its good to have variety ; )

  • he's not into you romantically. maybe he's lonely. move on :)