Why do I find Indian or black girls so attractive?

I'm white with freckles (skin turns red if exposed to the sun for a longer time), red-haired and green eyes. I've always found those girls the most attractive ones to me. I've tried dating a girl similar to me but wasn't too attracted to and felt as if I were dating myself.

Countless times had a couple members in my family told me to reconsider it and that it's better to date a girl with similar features. There are two racists members in my family that actually said ''you're not going to have white kids anymore'' or ''those are dominant races and if you ever marry a black girl even worse''. But I can't help what I like.

This all began for me a long while ago in grade school when I was learning about the Incas and Aztecs during history class. Interesting people and those girls were cute.

Do they like white guys too?


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  • Because that's what you like. Attraction hasn't been explained in science yet and I doubt it ever will.

    Some do and some don't like guys like you.

    • Thanks.. Nice picture


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  • Why not? We have our own preferences. Im not into my race also, I've been asked a lot why but hey, who cares lol its not them who's gonna be together with the person.

    • Thanks. True. I find it sad that some people think darker skin is to be frowned upon instead of admired. Just wondering do they also like white guys like me or do they tend to stick to their own race?

    • There are definitely who likes white guys. I know this one Indian girl, she just got married last month to her Italian boyfriend. Go check out Interracial dating page in facebook. I see a lot of black + white relationships.

  • I don't blame you- exotic women are very beautiful. It's possible you find Indian and black women so gorgeous because of their definitive features like how a lot of Indian women have big, exotic eyes, and thick hair, much like black women. There are probably a lot of other racial women who find white guys attractive- much like how you find other races attractive. You'll find that thick-haired angel soon, my friend.

  • This isn't an answer to a question but out of curioisity would you mind pm'ing me a picture of what you look like not to be weird


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