Why did he stop talking to me?

Ok, so this guy had a crush on me and I didn't know until my friend told me so I gave him a shot. We started talking and dating for about 3-4 months, and everything was great, we were really good friends and he was always a gentleman. So we went away for vacation together, and finally had sex and after we came back from vacation he stopped talking to me! I found out he was talking to another girl, and all of his friends that know me and knew had a crush on me were shocked to find out because the girl is "not attractive". Apparently he is seeking therapy for his insecurity. He told my friend that he's not willing to apologize because he thinks he's shit, and I'll get over him. Is he really that insecure or did I just get used? We went on vacation with two other couples so I dont understand.


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  • He used you. Just make him realize.

    • But how? Literally all of his friends are making fun of him for how "ugly" the girl is, and how he's messed up for what he did. He was going to apologize but his friend told me he just couldn't face me.

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  • he lost interest.


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  • I am a tomboy so i kinda know how a boy thinks. Boys in general a very insicure, it looks like he used you. BUT if he used you he probably would have broken your heart. Not let you down easy cause when boys break someones heart it can sometimes make them feel better and boost their confidence. Where as here he is bringing himself down. You can try to talk to him. Since Im too young to have sex i really don't know so ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND HE DID DO IT AFTER SEX.