Am I "Talking to", Dating, or just friends with this guy?

For everyone not aware of talking to its like you like someone but you aren't quite dating but you're on your way to dating this person. So anyways about this guy... I texted him the day after he gave me his number and we have been texting everyday without stoppage. We have never been like I will talk to you later and then like text the next day.. we have been texting everyday 3 to 5 times a day. We have gone out on 2 dates in the past month, partially because I was on vacation for a week and he was on vacation for a week. We made out at the end of both dates. We only text a couple times a day because he works till 1 and then starts school at 3 everday. So im basically just confused..

  • Talking to
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  • Dating
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  • I think you guys are pre dating but I don't think this is going anywhere


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