Girls, I Know I'm about to label, but I have no other way, how do I get to know an emo/scene girl?

Again, I'm sorry for the labels but in curious, because I have absolutely no clue xD, I'm into the sort of edgy "I don't care" look but I don't know how to actually... do anything about it. So if I could have some help, like is there a particular look to catch their eye and once that happens, what do I say to begin? Something about My Chemical Romance or Of Mice & Men (love those bands actually). Just any sort of advice would be amazing and thank you in advance.


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  • Maybe wear black skinny jeans (even buy girls jeans) wear band tees & get a killer emo/punk haircut. Also u should listen 2 black veil brides, lots of 'emo' girls love them & if u haven't listened to motionless in white, than u should. That would defiantly catch my attention

  • Emo power lol XD

    Basically though, we're just like other girls, only a little more hidden and dark... if you want to get to know us just do what you would normally do, watch us, wave, smile, talk and flirt. There's not a specific way to do it... you could mention those bands, but I would ask them what they like first. Ask them if they want to hang out sometimes, somewhere they'd like.