What are you supposed to text??

So I was talking to my friends the other day and we were talking about flirting over texting messaging and the question was brought up what should you reply. Say he just texts you "Hey" what are you supposed to say to that or the all to common "Whats up?" their comes a point where the line "the sky" doesn't work, or say you have nothing going on. You can't type nothing because it seems boring. What the heck are you supposed to text back?


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  • You want to text something that will make them laugh. Or something that will throw them off. Another good text is one that is a "play on words". Use some words from their text and switch it around somehow. You have to be creative, but it is very effective.

    Sometimes I like to respond with something that makes me seem retarded. Then I include a smiley face, so they know I was joking. I think it also depends on your type of personality as well. If they really know you, you can be sarcastic and rude with your texts, and they would not get offended (most times).

    As for your "Hey" and "What's up" text, I don't know... that seems like a dead end text. I would probably just ignore those.


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  • well if you like them you could possibly say "thinking of you :]"