Where am I really at? Is there any chance at rekindling romance?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 15 months. We had a lot of good times in the relationship, but there was also a lot of arguements due to poor communication skills by both. After a few days we talked on phone. Then we talked again today. I didn't ask her to take me back, but we talked about the recent fight and she said right now being single just allows her for less stress. I did say i want to make things right but she said just give it time. She always says im a great guy for her, but I do get dramatic at times. She said some of the things that went wrong to but right now she just doesn't want a committment. However she agreed to go out with me tommorrow and then text me later wanting to go out and study somewhere (both just started school again). She won't come out and say she misses me, or she cares, but dont her actions say she still values are time together? When i call she answers and will talk to me. When i bring up the relationship it just is still a sore subject. I think for now i need to let the time pass before I start talking about a commitment again (she has committment issues). She said she wants to just see where things ago. I also know some of the things that she did not like, and am striving to change. If i really put in the effort do you think she will eventually end up with me. She flat out said she doesn't want to date anyone else just wants time feeling free (before we dated she was in a 6 year relationship). Its just weird that she still wants to see me and i feel if i keep the friendship open for now I can win her back. And yes I have made it clear to her that ultimately I do not just want a friendship I want a romantic relationship...


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  • It sounds like you will have a better time looking for someone that is more ready to commit.

  • not a very good chance.


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