Girls, So me an this girl I met online have been talking for two weeks now. Please help?

We met on pof and chatted for awhile and ten I got her number and we have a date early ext week. We would text a lot at first like over 50 messages each everyday but now we don't chat so much which I think is a good idea but I'm also scared she's not as interested anymore. She sends mixed signals like I posted happy birthday and she liked everyone's post except mine but she texts me no problem just confusing. Plus she's always online on pof but then again Iam too lol. She's perfect so far but I'm nervous because we built a connection through text not in person. She always engages my conversations but I'm always left wondering sometimes if she's still interested or if she's just cautious because I quit messaging so much. She's never been in a long term and she's kinda shy so I think she's just cautious but me being who Iam always worry that maybe she's just being nice and doesn't wanna cancel the date. She has asked me and I had to reassure her of when our date was and she said that sounds wonderful. Am I overthinking?


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  • You need to meet her in person. Or cut it off


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  • This is the reason you need to act quickly when dealing with online dating. Too many days spent texting with no meet up leads to loss of interest. Ask her on a planned date NOW!

    • If you read it all I already asked her right away! She was out camping and then had a bday party. We go out tonight

    • Oh, crap. My bad then, sorry. Have fun and good luck!