Should I let her know?

I kinda have a problem... Please just guide me through this... So, I started talking to that girl I met online (serious, no hookups) and now I have a date with her, so we've never seen each other but I am quite short (5"6) so I wonder if she'll still be ok with me, because she looks taller than me and maybe a little bit heavier (i'm 145 lbs), it doesn't botter me and she says she's not a judgmental person but I can't stop thinking about that... We are really liking each other as of conversations and etc... But I still wonder? And if you are feeling for it, first date conversation ideas ( not simple stuff like music movies and etc...) What do you think?


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  • Just try not to be nervous or act shocked if she's taller. If you don't like that she's taller, let things end there but if don't mind and she doesn't mind then things could work out from there


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  • First date should be out to eat so y'all can talk. If you are feeling uncomfortable about your height you can let her know before the date so it won't be a surprise