He likes me now that I've lost weight?

When I saw him last I was about 10kg heavier. I wasn't big but a little chubby I guess
he went away for a several weeks and I didn't expect to hang out again.
Anyway it's not a huge amount of weight but I also changed my hair and I guess I look a lot better than before, but I'm the same person lol.
Before he left I was much keener than him and he didn't make much effort, that's why I stopped contacting him...

Now he's being nice and wants to see me and I don't know if I should give him a chance, I don't want to be hurt again
I don't know if he wants me now because my attitude is different, I look better or if he missed me.


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  • You can't really blame him for being more physically attracted to you now than then. Losing weight tells a lot about you. Not only does it look better but It also shows that you respect yourself and your appearance. I've liked girls who were a bit on the chubby side before but I wasn't physically attracted to them. It sounds shallow but it's really hard to get around it. When you kiss and hug someone, you want to be at least a little bit attracted to them physically. They don't have to be amazing but at least a little attractive. I think you should give him a chance.


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  • I personally have been rejected by girls who all of a sudden were attracted to me once I lost weight.

    I'm still the same person I was then and have too much respect for myself to pursue anything with them. I respected their feelings when they didn't want to pursue anything, the least they can do is respect mine as well.

    Take of it what you will, but this is how I handled the situation on my end.

  • I think deep down you do know that the only reason he's coming back at you is solely due to your looks.
    Do you want to take the risk? The repercussions may be greater if the two of you manage to from a relationship, and then breaking up. If you really think that it's worth it then by all means. It's an experience you can learn from, anyway.

  • You look better. Doesn't make him a bad guy, though. Face it, looks matter. To everybody. Even then ones who say they don't.


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  • He came you because of your look different. You are the same person of course.
    Sometimes we forget to take care ourselves. Little bit of change is good. And make us feel better and more confident.
    I do not think he comes purely because of your look. You are the same person because. Maybe you seem more attractive?
    If you like him, you can give a chance.

  • You said you're the same person so your attitude is the same probably - he wants you now because you're skinnier...
    If you're okay with that then go for it.

    • Well my attitude is different in that I'm not interested in making effort with someone who doesn't do the same
      So I'm being cautious

    • Oh well in that - that's a smart move generally in life. =)
      Give your time to people who will give their time to you too - nothing more nothing less.

    • Thanks :)
      Maybe I'll take it slow and see if he's going to treat me differently
      Otherwise I've learnt a lesson from it all and I won't be missing out

  • i think you look more attractive now.. and he missed you..

  • So if you give him that chance and you gain a few kg later in your relationship and he rejects you again, that will hurt you again.
    His shallow. He does not deserve another chance. He hasn't changed has he? No because a leopard never changes it's spots