Is my sisters friend interested?

My sister invited her friend over for 4th of July. So my sis, her boyfriend, her friend and I were enjoying the night smoking and drinking playing games... By the time I joined them I was already fucked up.. Anywho, I say "whats up" and stuff. Then there were at times when she would ask me questions, in a really gentle way. "Do you like this song" "What kind of music do you like". Naturally, Im a pretty laid back, chilled guy..(She even said that). She even proposed a song which I might like. During the night, I noticed she would look at me (saw it through peripheral vision), so I go ahead and look back. She would give these really gentle looks at me, or even try and take a peek while sipping her drink. My question is, could she be interested? She seems like a nice girls with a good head on her shoulder. But I dont date my sisters friends, never have, never will.

To give a clearer picture of myself: Im laid back (so I appear cold/harsh/mysterious), decent looking (enough to get girls turning their heads in public), reserved but can easily communicate, able to stand my ground, really patient


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  • Why bother asking and wondering if you're never ever gonna date her anyway? By the way, I don't see the problem in dating your sister's friend; if she's a nice girl, then go for it.

    • Well because I've been attracted to her old friends before because they seemed like nice girls. But I stayed away.. But seeing as im not meeting the right girls atm, maybe I should drop that rule and broaden my search pool. If thats the case, are these any signs she's interested is my question?

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    • Fair enough. Well I won't chase her seeing as thats just tiring to me. I've gone off girls and people in general, so now I just keep things to myself without caring about what other think. Although, id really like to know what signs to look for if she's interested ( I thought sneak peeks were considered some form of attraction because thats what she did). She did laugh at some of my jokes too

    • Mind you, this was only the 2nd time I met her in the last year.

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