International student and boyfriend's American parents?

I met my boyfriend's parents a week ago and can't get this off my head. They were VERY nice to me and we got along very well until I said I'm an international student. His parents started to stare at each other in shock and kept asking about my status and if I want to stay in America after schooling. This is not the first time it happens to me. My ex is also an American and his parents talk him out of it after knowing I'm an international student. Just because I wasn't born in America and I fall for someone who happens to be an American DOESN'T mean I just want him for a green card. What do I do now I'm sick of people's parents thinking I want their son for a green card. I don't! I love him for who he is. I couldn't care less about his citizenship. How do I let his parents know without being too straight up because they didn't vocally said that either? What can I do to stop these kind of reaction it kills me?


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  • Where are you from? Even though I'm an American citizen now, I wasn't born here.

    • I'm from East Asia. I know you don't have to born here to be an American you can nationalize. I wasn't born here nor I'm an American now.

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    • No I'm not, which is why they think I want him for a green card... :/

    • That's the problem


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  • Just show your boyfriend how much you love him who gives a shit of what anyone else thinks about yall! D':

  • Unfortunately, there have been many people before you that were looking for that.
    It's just going to take time, I guess.

  • Tell him to tell his parents that you are not after the G card.


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