What should I plan for my boyfriend and I to do?

My boyfriend and I are sneaking out together Wednesday morning. there's this great sand pit right near my house and I was going to take him there. But we have four hours and only one place to go... what else should we do? We can walk around my town maybe, go to the 7/11 but we're out past legal curfew. Kinda risky. We're going to a sand pit and thats it. Sex of any kind (oral, normal, anal) is not an option, however I'm putting a blanket out there Tuesday afternoon so cuddling and looking at the moon is a heck yeah.
What else should I bring and what should I plan?


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  • Maybe bring some cherries whipped cream or strawberries and feed each other just be creative and maybe prepare some of your favorite songs on your phone or pull up youtube and you each pick one song and you both play your favorite songs

    • I already have a playlist, I should have mentioned that. And food is a no eating in the middle of the night is bad for you anyway

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    • nope thats also part of the plan, kissing
      and i know it was just a suggestion and i was just responding to it

    • There you go, and I know I didn't want to ruffle any feathers

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  • cuddle and be cute.