I'm curious , when do you think is a good time to make it official?

We've had a 1st date , this hung out this Friday through Sunday 4th of July weekend together , I met his family and close cousins , he dropped me off home and picked me up each day even tho I spent 3 days in a row with him.. he tells his cousin I'm his date , Sunday we finally had our 1st kiss goodbye pecks, but I don't know if we're official official and I don't want him to think he can kiss me when he wants if we're not bf/gf is this what dating is supposed to be like?


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  • I'm kinda in the same boat as to when it's "okay" to make it official. But that's something you need to communicate with him. y'all need to be on the same page and make sure expectations are the same. As far as kissing goes, there's nothing wrong with kissing If you're not official. That's natural. Just be open and honest with him and see what he says then take it from there.

  • wait a bit more.