Girls, am I forced to settle down?

Ok, I'm not physicalllly attractive (balding, being skinny, etc.), however I feel good in my body, have great style, few interests and the most important... I'm not afraid of attractive girls. I approach them sometimes. I had few extremely attactive girls, but even they didn't why they are into me. Hot guys are jealous and suprised how I do that. I have nothing to lose so? However I can't change my physical looks (especially balding issue, I looked quite good with hair, however i had terrible shape of head and it lower my attractiveness) and some girls won't pass it. It doesn't mean I need a "trophy girlfriend", I care more about other things, however I enjoy pretty girls and I have to feel sexual/physical attracted to them. I can't force myself If i don' feel that way. I hate when people say I have to settle down, because it will be cheating myself and girl I don't find attractive. It's why I am single.

Do I have to settle down oraz wait for a right girl? However it's quite boring waiting for the "right girl".


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  • don't settle down, live a little! Nobody is ever forced to settle, your mind and soul will tell you when.


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  • You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Be single if you cannot commit, and don't settle for anyone.

  • You need to settle down WITH. The right girl! Don't settle down before you've found her

  • Settle only when it's the right time don't be forced into it or you'll regret it